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The Immediate Surroundings of the Hotel
St. Martin's Cathedral

Did you know that this cathedral is one of the biggest in Slovakia? Or that Maria Theresa was crowned the Queen of Hungary here? The church is a nice 10-minute walk away from the hotel and it will not only enchant you with its exterior, but also with its exquisite interor.

The Church of St. Elizabeth

The Blue Church was one of the first buildings to be ever built in Bratislava. It is unique for its beautiful blue color and rose ornaments. You will also find an interesting green villa nearby, which is grown-over with ivy. The Blue Church is located approximately 15 minutes walking distance from the hotel.

Statues of Bratislava

You can find many interesting statues in the Bratislava's city center. The two best known are Čumil and Schöne Náci. Čumil is associated with a legend - touching his hat will bring you good fortune. That's why the hat looks so polished. 

Old Town Hall

The town hall was once a reflection of the city's wealth. However, nowadays it mainly contributes to the rich cultural life of the Old Town. If you are interested in history, we highly recommend taking a guided tour, where you will have an opportunity to see the town hall tower. 


Restaurants in Bratislava


Best Café Tips

If you'd like to enjoy your morning coffee in the city center, we recommend a few cafés that are located in the vicinity of the hotel:  Five Points, Mondieu Laboratoire, Urban House, Enjoy Coffee or Fach. All the cafés are located in the Old Town, so you won't have to go far from the hotel. If you feel up to it, you can even combine a weekend brunch with a pleasant walk throughout the city center.


The Best Restaurants

You can find many different types of cuisine in Bratislava. Would you like to enjoy a unique culinary experience? Then we recommend the original Indian cuisine in the restaurant The Curry. Also be sure to visit bistro SOHO and Rio Grande. Do you prefer to experience the local cuisine? Then you definitely need to visit the restaurant Divný Janko. Would you rather try some street food? Then Orbis is definitely a place for you.


Bar Tips

Bratislava offers many great places to visit, even at night-time. If you enjoy cool drinks, we recommend visiting bars such as The Velvet, Spin Coctail Bar or SkyBar which offers a great view of the town. Are you more of a dancing and fun-loving type of person? Clubs Trafo Music club and Masquerade lounge bar and club might be something just for you. If you are, however, a true rocker at heart, you will definitely enjoy Bratislava's famous Barrock.


Experiencing the Culture
Pavol Ország Hviezdoslav City Theatre 

Are you a drama fan? Or would you rather prefer a good comedy? How about a musical? The City Theatre offers a variety of plays. 

Nedbalka Gallery

The Nedbalka Gallery is a gallery of Slovak modern art, where everyone can find something to their taste. It is divided into 4 floors, thus into 4 periods of art - The Origin of Modern Fine Art in Slovakia, Modern art in Slovakia, Mikuláš Galanda Group and also Personalities and Phenomena. 

The Old Market Hall

The Old Market Hall is the meeting point of the city's culture. The program is very diverse, combining urban culture and various services. If you are interested in experiencing the atmosphere of small local markets, you can visit the Old Market Hall on Saturdays. 

KC Dunaj

KC Dunaj is a venue which offers a diverse program. It serves as a cinema and a lecture hall on weekdays, while weekends are devoted to concerts and parties. 



A Piece of Peace and Quiet


Medická Garden

This garden is located in the Bratislava's Old Town and it represents an oasis of peace and quiet in the otherwise busy city center. In addition to beautiful flowers, you will also find here a monument of a Slovakian writer Martin Kukučín and a beautiful Swan Fountain.


Park of Janko Kráľ

This park is considered to be the oldest public park in Central Europe. This may be one of the reasons why Janko Kráľ Park is so popular among many Bratislava citizens. You can play sports here, bring a picnic or just walk around and enjoy the greenery.